Center Wing - Etihad Tickets AFL, A-League & Cricket
Just recently GV Finance Brokers has become member of Etihad Stadiums, Centre Wing membership. We have now a pair of very well placed seats for the AFL competition and other games at Etihad stadium, including A League and Cricket.
These tickets will also give you access to the restaurants and Bar facilities of that level, this is a separate cost.
The tickets are FREE to current clients that have an active Home Loan under GV Finance Brokers Management.
If you wish to attend the game, requests need to be placed a week prior to the game.
Please email Cheyne at your ticket preferred. We understand that more than one request will be put in for the pair of tickets. In this case, we will raffle them for a winner. As part of the process, we want to inform you a week before the game that you have won the tickets, in order for you to prepare for travel. Management has final say regadring tickets. 
How will I know what tickets are available? 
Ticket information will be posted here regularly.

2017 AFL Games will be listed as soon as the schedule becomes avaiable. 

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